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JERN ヤーン スピーカー 12WP (ブラック) ペア 新品


JERN ヤーン スピーカー 12WP (ブラック) ペア 新品

The JERN 12 WP is developed to work without a subwoofer in small rooms close to the walls.

For even deeper bass, a subwoofer can be added below 65 Hz.

The JERN 12 is the new revolutionary compact speaker from JERN. It is delicate and discreet but it delivers High End audio quality. The key to its performance is all in its design, components and choice of materials.JERN#174;is not a mass producer of speakers. Each speaker remains essentially handbuilt by craftsmen with decades of experience at their fingertips.

JERN 12 WP Specification

・Design Two way. Phase linear wide dispersion design. Sealed cabinet for best transient response.

・Drive Units Unique Wavecor woofer 5 3/4 inch 146 mm frame.Excellent midrange performance due to a new wowen and optimized glass fibre cone design. Fibre Glass Cone

・Tweeter SEAS 19 mm. Wide dispersion. Low distortion due to long excursion. Textile membrane.

・Rigid steel chassis with extensive venting for lower air flow speed reducing audible distortion

・Vented center pole with dual flares for reduced noise level at large cone excursions

・Heavy-duty fiber glass voice coil former to reduce mechanical losses resulting in better dynamic performance and low-level details

・Large motor structure for better control and power handling

・Built-in alu field-stabilizing ring for reduced distortion at high levels

・Low-loss suspension (high Qm) for better reproduction of details and dynamics

・Black plated motor parts for better heat transfer to the surrounding air

・Conex spider for better durability under extreme conditions

・Gold plated terminals to ensure long-term trouble free connection

・Delivered with foam gasket attached for hassle-free mounting and secure cabinet sealing

・Dimensions 30 cm tall, 19,5 cm deep and 21 cm wide. Net weight 12,2 kg

・Frequency response 45 - 20.000 Hz in room, -6dB at 65 Hz in anechoic chamber

・Comments These loudspeakers are developed to work really well close to walls

・Crossover The phase linear 6dB/octave custom-made crossover uses a Mundorf polypropylen capacitor and an air core coil. It delivers a fine 3D soundstage.

・Amplifier requirements 25 #8211; 150W / 4 Ohm Sensitivity (2.83V/1m) 86 dB Impedance 4Ω

JERN ヤーン スピーカー 12WP (ブラック) ペア 新品

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